Monday, November 29, 2021
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Creative News

Creative News

Creative news from around the world

Yuki Kawae

Yuki Kawae Zen Garden

The mere act of forming patterns, intersecting loops, fractals, and other organic shapes is a therapeutic experience in these pandemic times.
Irish Artist Manu Creates Sand Art on Irish Beaches

Short-lived art as Art

He has to work against time to complete his art in the gap he gets between high and low tides.
Irina Cumberland paintings

Irina Cumberland calms people down with her amazing sea

I watched the ocean’s steady movement in and out, the glittering light dancing on the surface, the tiny rainbows reflecting off the sand – lulling me into a peace that I’d never experienced before.
Alex Ivanchak

Alex Ivanchak – Rubik’s Cube art genius

Ukrainian Rubik’s cube artist, Alex Ivanchak, creates portraits and other works of art by using a large number of Rubik’s cubes.

Do you see the world as Billie Eilish sees it?

We are talking about individuals who involuntarily associate the whole environment with a particular color, geometric figure, or number.