Distant Dreams by Anna Stasiuk

Anna Stasyuk composer | CWTN, Constellation World Talent Network

Recently, composer Anna Stasiuk unveiled her latest musical creation, “Distant Dreams,” which has resonated with numerous listeners. This piece earned Anna recognition as the winner of the “Constellation: World Stars” international competition for contemporary composers.

Crafted during the summer of 2023, “Distant Dreams” has already garnered praise from early listeners for its serene and harmonious lyrics and smooth melody. The composition begins with a high-register melody gradually descending to the medium register, accompanied by arpeggiated bass, evoking the gentle murmur of a stream on a warm summer day. As the melody unfolds, it accelerates, reaching a climactic peak at the golden ratio, with continuous arpeggios in the upper register against a calm bass backdrop, creating a sense of anticipation.

Towards the conclusion, the melody returns to its tranquil rhythm, gracefully traversing notes and registers before concluding on a major chord.

“Distant Dreams” embodies Anna Stasiuk’s signature style of lightness and transparency, offering a composition that is both accessible and profound.

We extend our best wishes and inspiration to this talented young composer.

Distant Dreams

Distant Dreams by Anna Stasiuk
Anna Stasyuk composer | CWTN, Constellation World Talent Network
Anna Stasiuk

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