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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
✦ You can apply for the World Stars by July 30, Constellation of Talents by August 15, Power of Music by August 30, World Vision by July 15.
✦ New Star Pages: Veronika Turyk, Júlia Ochôá, Andrej Stojanović, József Terék, Dante Muscas.

Show your talent, your creative work to the world. Get promotion and advertising, personal creative pages, online creative portfolios, personal concert pages.
And nice diplomas, of course.

Reasons to participate

  1. On the expert council of our jury – musicians, music professors from state conservatories and music academies, representatives of music labels, music media, artistic directors. Theater and film directors. Choreographers and dance show directors. Talent managers. Kind people who want to help every talent.
  2. We do professionally and every day:
    – publish our contestants’ creative works;
    – publish and promote contestants’ creative pages;
    – collect online portfolios for the participants of our creative projects;
    – make the names of artists recognizable and famous.
  3. Zero risk – you will pay the participation fee after qualified for the competition.
  4. Donations from the public. Gain public support and pay the participation fee from donations or use it for promotion and advertising through the Constellation platform.
  5. Amazing networking opportunities: stay in contact with participants from all over the world, get a chance to become the Constellation World Talent Network artist.
We believe that every talent has the right to become a star, and every star is important for the constellation of the world’s cultures.
We invite singers, songwriters, composers, conductors, and instrumental musicians – piano, strings, wind, percussion, traditional instruments, accompanists, music video makers, etc.
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all talents contest

all talents contest

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