Andrej Stojanović


Born in 2012
Oslo, Norway

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Creative works

Narnia Waltz

Narnia Waltz (Andrej Stojanović)

Sonatina No. 1

Sonatina No. 1 (Andrej Stojanović)

Waltz for Ivanka

Waltz for Ivanka (Andrej Stojanović)


My name is Andrej Stojanović.

I was born deaf, and at the age of 3 after the operation, I start hearing to hear.

I am a composer and pianist. There is no musician in my family except me. I have been playing the piano since I was 4, and I have been composing since I was 5.

Most of all, I like to compose music. I wrote a lot of compositions. My works have already been performed in Oslo, Rome, America, Italy.

I participated in competitions in music theory, harmony, and analysis of musical forms, where at the age of 7 I beat competitors at the age of 17.

I have also received several international awards for playing the piano.


Andrej Stojanovic
Andrej Stojanovic
Andrej Stojanović
Andrej Stojanović
Andrej Stojanović
Andrej Stojanović

Andrej Stojanović in Constellation

Andrej Stojanovic

Andrej Stojanovic

Andrej Stojanovic, 9 years old, Oslo, Norway. Composer. Constellation of Talents contest. Season 1.

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