Veronika Turyk


Born in 2008
Kyiv, Ukraine

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Alley of Stars Ukraine

Creative works

The Ballad of Jane Doe

The Ballad of Jane Doe from the Ride the Cyclone (Jacob Richman)

About Talent

Veronika talks about herself: “My name is Veronika Turyk, I am 15 years old and I live in Ukraine, Kyiv.

Ever since I found out what a musical was I fell in love with the concept; watching, learning, and enjoying every single classic I could find. It affected my life, especially my singing, acting and even talking. Every song I sing I try to live through it, feel it in my bones, and show it with finesse. I was always rather a loud kid, with a “tinkling” voice.

I studied in a musical studio for 5 years, getting to play a lot of roles and even stage some small plays. I also study in a jazz school. There were a lot of vocal exams where I passed with flying colors, though not to say there weren’t any complications, because there were a lot, but I like to think I got through the worst of it.

I love music, I live and strive on it. I enjoy every genre of it, from jazz to rock to classical. Perhaps I am meant for this.”

Veronika Turyk in Constellation

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