Iustin Mihnea Mago

Iustin Mihnea Mago

Iustin Mihnea Mago

16 years old, Oradea, Romania

Creative works:
Sousta (Dimitri Fampas)
Teacher Attila Mihai Szabo

Constellation: World Vision contest. Season 6


Sousta (Dimitri Fampas)


I started studying music at the age of 7 when I started studying violin at Oradea’s art school. I began studying guitar at the age of 11 when I entered 5th grade. For me, music is more than a passion, it’s a lifestyle, something that I can’t live without. I get inspired by it, and I hope that someday, my music will inspire others. Every emotion goes well with music, happiness, sadness, love, anger, no matter what, music has an answer. My inspiration comes from my everyday life. From my friends, family, school, and everything that happens to and around me. I feel like music makes happy moments feel happier, and sad moments feel less sad, I always say that music heals my soul.

Iustin Mihnea Mago
Iustin Mihnea Mago


There are contests for creative people in the World Vision contest system:

  • singers’ contest;
  • songwriters;
  • composers;
  • instrumental music (all):
    – piano;
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    – wind instruments;
    – percussion;
    – traditional, etc.
  • conductors;
  • accompanists;
  • music videos makers;
  • actors (including recitation), directors (theater and cinema);
  • artists;
  • designers (including fashion theaters);
  • photo artists;
  • dancers, choreographers;
  • circus artists;
  • arts and crafts masters, etc.

Reasons to participate

  1. On the expert council of our jury – musicians, music professors from state conservatories and music academies, representatives of music labels, music media, artistic directors. Theater and film directors. Artists and gallery owners. Choreographers and dance show directors. Talent managers. Kind people who want to help every talent.

2. We do professionally and every day:

  • publish our contestants’ creative works; 
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  • collect online portfolios for the participants of our creative projects;
  • make the names of artists recognizable and famous.

3. Zero risk – you will pay the participation fee after qualified for the competition.

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5. Amazing networking opportunities: stay in contact with participants from all over the world, get a chance to become the Constellation World Talent Network artist.

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