Maria Myrosh – singer & songwriter

Born in 2002, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Creative works:

I Felt the Same

I Felt the Same (Maria Myrosh)

Girl from the Moon

Girl from the Moon (Maria Myrosh)

Elon is a Martian

Elon is a Martian (Maria Myrosh)

It’ll Be

It’ll Be (Maria Myrosh)

Повторить | to Repeat

Повторить | to Repeat (Maria Myrosh)

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Maria Myrosh in Constellation

Maria Myrosh – singer & songwriter

Maria Myrosh

Maria Myrosh – singer & songwriter. Star Page in Constellation World Talent Network.

Maria Myrosh

Maria Myrosh – I Felt the Same

Ukrainian singer and songwriter Maria Myrosh sings her songs.