Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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Alley of Talents: Music Video


Sara James | AGT

3 AGT judges were ready to hit Golden Buzzers for Sara...

Simon Cowell: There were about three of us prepared to jump on that Golden Buzzer. Her act's so good!
Madison Baez | AGT

How young audience member got a Golden Buzzer on AGT

She wasn't scared and made the most of her chance. From the audience to the semi-finalists!
Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

The Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision 2022

Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with the folk-rap song "Stefania".

Billie Eilish – Your Power (Live for Stand Up For Ukraine)

Watch Billie's performance of "Your Power" live and join Global Citizen in the #StandUpForUkraine rally for refugee relief.
Pink Floyd - Hey Hey Rise Up

Pink Floyd – Hey Hey Rise Up

The official lyrics video for Hey Hey Rise Up, Pink Floyd’s new Ukraine fundraiser feat Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox.
Svitlana Dumych

Svitlana Dumych

Svitlana Dumych, 17 years old. Vyzhnytsia, Ukraine. Music video. Constellation: Power of Music contest. Season 10.
Anna Decker

Anna Decker

Anna Decker, 12 years old, Myrogoshcha, Ukraine. Singer. Constellation: World Vision music contest. Season 4.
Rick Bright (Yaroslav Shalavinsky)

Rick Bright

Rick Bright (Yaroslav Shalavinsky), 11 years old, Kyiv, Ukraine. Singer. Constellation: World Vision music contest. Season 4.