Friday, September 22, 2023
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Alley of Talents: Concert

Charitable Hromada Holiday Gala

Charitable Hromada Holiday Gala

Jam session of two outstanding musicians – Ukrainian singer Oleh Skrypka and our own Sacramento-based virtuoso saxophonist Andrii Liesnyi.
Emil Khachaturian

Emil Khachaturian – Endless Flow

Israeli composer, guitarist, singer and songwriter Emil Khachaturian plays his music and sings his song.
Maria Myrosh

Maria Myrosh – I Felt the Same

Ukrainian singer and songwriter Maria Myrosh sings her songs.
Darya Afanasyeva

Darya Afanasyeva – Fly Away

Ukrainian composer and pianist Darya Afanasyeva plays music from her piano album "Fly Away" and the author's piano piece "Sea".
Iryna Zolotova

Iryna Zolotova – Miniatures, piano concert

Ukrainian pianist and teacher Iryna Zolotova plays music by Vitalij Neugasimov.